Annual Christmas Brunch!

Each year I look forward to an annual Christmas brunch with my interior design friends. We dress up in cozy winter attire (or pj’s in my case!), eat delicious homemade food and participate in our festive gift exchange. We have kept this tradition for a little over six years, alternating hosts. This year was my turn!

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, Christmas décor does not have to be in your generic green and red colour theme. This year, I opted to create a unique setting by thinking outside the box, which I knew my designer friends would appreciate. The table setting incorporated my love for black & white stripes, minimal amounts of colour and hints of festive holiday sparkle!

Tips on how to create a similar look:

1)   Make sure to add a placemat and/or tablecloth that compliments your overall holiday theme. I purchased these from Simons because they were neutral and versatile for upcoming events.  

2)   You can never go wrong with basic white plates; however make sure to bring visual interest through a patterned dessert plate or charger. Remember, layering is key!

3)   I wrapped a piece of pink tweed ribbon on each plate to give the appearance of a wrapped present. This created a modern twist on a simple bow.

4)   Place card settings allow your guest to easily find their seats, while adding a touch of personality to the decor. I used chalkboard mini stands purchased from my beloved Target. A chalkboard board pen was used to write their names, which is easily erasable for future use.

5)   Since coffee and tea is typically served at brunch, I used an oversized mug as the center piece for each setting. I gathered up a cloth napkin (just as you would before putting a napkin ring holder) and placed it inside the mug, allowing for an opening at the center fold. Within the fold, I added small festive décor items such as; a glitter pinecone, silver fern branches, a cupcake Christmas tree topper and a multi-coloured reindeer gift tag. This created a fun mini holiday display within a mug!

I hope this post inspires you to create a festive holiday table setting for your loved ones this season! Happy Hosting :-)