Career day, Fun day!

Monday was my last ‘Career Day’ presentation for the school year. As always, it was a pleasure having the opportunity to speak to the elementary school graduates about a career in the exciting field of Interior Design!

After the presentation, I organized a game where I showed the students examples of preteen bedrooms, all including a unique design feature.  Each student would pick a room they liked, in which they would explain the reasoning behind their selection and what they would improve based of their needs & aesthetic preferences. I was very impressed with their willingness to participate and the detailed responses! There was one student in particular who blew me away. Not only did he ask well thought out questions, but picked up on architectural details that the average eye wouldn’t necessarily notice. Future designer in the making?! I think so!!

By far my favourite part of the day was when one student asked me – ‘What is the best part of your job? Is it seeing your client smile at the end of the project?’ My heart immediately melted! It is exactly those moments which make this field so rewarding.

I truly admire the endless effort of the community division at Lester B Pearson School Board for organizing these events. It  encourage the students to learn about the various fields available out there based on their interests. I look forward to visiting more schools next year!

Image from : Satsuki Shibuya (pinterest)