First Condominium Visit!

I’ve been a little MIA for the last month on my weekly Blog posts! With projects coming to an end & new ones beginning, I felt it was time to buckle down and start blogging again.

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to visit my condominium unit, which is currently under construction. The unit will be move in ready towards the end of August. Having purchased it off plan, it was very exciting to finally see it in person!

FIRST OF ALL, the Monica Geller in me wanted to whip out my cleaning gloves and start scrubbing those dusty cabinets!! But I needed to refrain myself or else I would get crazy looks from the construction crew….

Most condominium units are carbon copies of one another.  Given that the layout is fairly standard, it was very important to me to have the flexibility to make adjustments to the plan to accommodate maximum functionality, while infusing my design style. No structural changes were made, but rather aesthetic design choices were executed.  Of course theses extras came at an additional costs (extending countertop, adding slab quartz backsplash, rerouting electrical outlets, upgrading floors, etc). Over the long term, it will make my unit that much more unique – especially for resale value.

The best decision I made thus far was extending the island to accommodate counter seating. It was a tough decision given that I had to eliminate my dining space to accommodate this design choice. However, I spend the majority of my spare time cooking & entertaining, therefore it was crucial for me to have a kitchen layout that encouraged guest & host interaction. 

The second major decision I made, was to remove the upper cabinets between the island and back cooking wall. Everyone thinks I'm crazy because I removed quite a bit of storage. I am an ORGANIZING FREAK, so I’m not worried one bit about storage! I have a vision of what I will do with this bare wall & cannot wait to share it with you all!

Here is a little sneak peak! Ps - guess who sported the awesome pink construction hat?! Hehehe