A little something special from beautiful Barbados...

Whenever I travel, I come back home inspired and refreshed. Part of the fun of traveling is submerging myself in a different culture and meeting local artists. During the annual Holetown festival (held each year in Barbados), I came across an interesting vendor that sold an array of beautifully hand painted scarves.

The soft and whimsical color palette immediately caught my attention. Every brush stroke appeared to have an ombre effect that mimicked the waves of the ocean. Not only was the scarf lovely, but the artist & his wife were such a pleasure to meet. They explained the process of painting each individual scarf and the artistic approach required to achieve the overall look. It is a time consuming process, where you need to apply several coats and allow for adequate drying time. Each piece is unique – not one ever being the same - which makes it that much more special!

I have utmost respect for creative individuals who turn their artistic passion into a living. Making a living through your art can be difficult - but when you are passionate about it, it shines through. I'm glad I was able to support a local artist and have a meaningful piece to remember beautiful Barbados by!