Something old, something new...

It happened again. I was in the neighbourhood and passed by the antique/second hand store. Of course, I was tempted to take a little peak inside to see what’s new. I ended up walking out with a newly purchased chair - yet another one to add to my collection!

You are properly looking at this picture and thinking – EW. Looks like grandma’s old living room chair with bad cat stains all over the cushion. If you look past the current upholstery and surface scratches, there is potential – I promise! The best part is that it only cost $20! My jaw dropped when I saw the price tag. You just cannot find solid detailed pieces of furniture like these anymore (without paying the hefty price of course)! All this piece needs is just a little TLC. So here is the plan:

  •   Paint framework in a dark navy blue/black
  •  Remove existing wicker backing and add fabric backing instead
  • Reupholster entire piece with a visually interesting fabric
  • Add contrasting piping to make it POP

I look forward to sharing the final look in the up coming months!