My Little Shoebox in the City!

Having had the opportunity to design other people’s homes, it was great fun to invest the time & energy into creating my own city dwelling!

The closer you are to the city, the more you have to compromise on square footage. Working with only 450sqft, my goal was to maximize on storage while maintaining a practical layout. Given that I work from home, spatial planning was a key factor in creating multifunctional zones. It is all in the planning!

Having purchased pre-construction, the developer allowed me to make minor changes to the original floor plan. First on my list, was removing the dining area, allowing me to extend my kitchen counter and enlarge my living space. I knew that I could not host large sit down meals in this tiny condo, therefore I needed to adapt how I entertain. By extending my counter, it allows for additional prep-zone areas and casual 'island' seating.  Everyone ends up in the kitchen during parties anyways!

The next item I removed from the kitchen was an entire wall of upper cabinets. Everyone thought I was CRAZY! I felt these cabinets enclosed the kitchen. By eliminating them, it helped open up the space and allowed me to display my photography, along with floating shelves. These shelves not only add visual interest, but hold my morning dishware in arms reach. Being an organize freak, I did not loose storage, but rather utilized the storage I was given to its maximum potential.

In terms of décor, the colour palette I was drawn to was crisp white, navy blue with polish nickel accents. The goal was to emphasize the abundance of natural light, by choosing sheer window coverings, an off-white wall colour and white quartz counter tops. In contrast, I upgraded the wood flooring to a warmer tone with wider planks. It reminded me of flooring you would find in a yoga studio. I continued the crisp palette in my bathroom (blogged about earlier) by incorporating white subway tiles in the shower and carrara marble chevron mosaic flooring. It feels like a little spa in the city!

In regards to the furniture selections, it was important for me to invest in key pieces, one of which is my sofa. Another reason why I eliminated my dining area, was that the space can now accommodate a HUGE SOFA! You can easily sit three big football players and they wouldn’t even be touching shoulders! (Hmmm that’s a nice vision…hehe). DO NOT BE AFRAID OF SCALE. By having tiny furniture in a tiny room, it only emphasises the small space. In addition, given that I have no animals or little rugrats with sticky fingers, I can get away with a pure white sofa! The beauty is that the sofa has a slipcover, which is easily washable and can be changed down the road to a more resistant fabric.

For the bedroom decor, the goal was to keep it minimal by continuing the hotel look. Through countless hours of design research, this headboard design immediately caught my attention. I was drawn to the feminine detailing, both in shape and scale. I selected a more masculine navy blue linen fabric, to contrast its femininity. To incorporate the hotel look, I added white linens with a pop colour through the throw at the end of the bed. Simple. Crisp. Restful.

The areas in which I was able to save on cost was through flea market finds (my DIY console & chair) along with decorative accessories (I LOVE YOU HOMESENSE!). It is all about mixing the highs and lows, knowing where to invest in quality items, while keeping trends at a minimum through timeless décor selections.

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of my little city shoebox! It was challenging at times (so many great products out there), but I knew it would all come together and would reflect my own personal style. I can’t wait to tackle my next project! House Flip anyone?!?