My Hotel Chic Bathroom

I shouldn’t of eaten all those brownies before taking these pictures of my tiny 40sqft bathroom. I had to squeeze into every nook and cranny to capture a decent shot. Damn Martha & her delicious desserts!

Anywhoo, back to my bathroom design. It was important to me to not have your typical condominium bathroom. Boring ceramic, boring pedestal sink, boring lighting – no thank you! I wanted to create a space that was UNIQUE in comparison to the other units. One that reflects my design style, while respecting the developers parameters. The goal was to create a hotel chic look, which carries throughout the entire condo. CLEAN. SIMPLE. TIMELESS.

Being in the field, the developer was kind enough to allow me to bring in my own tiles. I splurged a little on the marble chevron floor, but given that it was a small space, I didn’t hurt too much! I also opted for large-scale white subway tiles for the shower, which carried onto three walls (YAY for easy maintenance!). To add interest, I decided to go with a gray grout to make the white tiles pop. This encouragement came from their in-house designer. I’m so glad she suggested this! In addition, I added a gray quartz ledge and shower sill to tie in with the rest of the theme.

Lastly, the other main change was removing the wall-to-wall pharmacy cabinet above the sink & toilet. BEST DECISION SO FAR. I hated that thing. It was bulky and outdated. Everyone thought I was crazy for removing a whole wall of storage. Despite what people thought, I listened to my gut and removed it. Instead I opted for a sleek, metal mirror above the sink, which showcase my vintage inspired light fixture. Above the toilet, I added photography (I wish I looked like that woman in the morning!) and small storage containers for daily toiletries. My inner Monica Geller purchased organizers for inside the vanity drawers – perfect space solution. I added a basket below the vanity for larger scale items. This easily tucks away when not in use.

And there you have it, my little hotel inspired urban bathroom! More pictures of the rest of my condominium to come!