For the love of clothing...

In a tiny condominium with a small-scale bedroom closet, I had no choice but to maximize on storage. Being a short-term investment, I did not want to spend an upwards of 2k on a custom closet organizer. Instead, I opted for a BUDGET FRIENDLY solution that did not comprise on storage or style. Welcome the IKEA PAX SYSTEM!

I’ve never been much of an IKEA fan, until I came across the PAX system. It was LOVE at first sight. Practical. Stylish. Inexpensive. A match made in heaven…especially for my wallet!

The beauty of the PAX system is that you can CUSTOMIZE it to meet your wardrobe needs. With only 5’ of available closet space, I opted to purchase two 30” systems. Since my closet already has sliding doors, I only purchased the frame (shell) and suitable interior organizers. One 30” unit is designated towards upper hanging & drawers. The other 30” unit is used to store pants & dresses. I made sure to organize each drawer with a purpose: my SUMMER drawer filled with swimsuits & beach attire, my LULU drawer filled with exercise clothing and my COZY drawer filled with loungewear & pyjamas (by far my favourite drawer!). Lastly, in terms of aesthetics, I opted to mix the all white & natural collection. It adds a little visual interest, while acting as the perfect backdrop to my colourful clothing.

Below are some of my favourite features the PAX interior organizers offer:

1.     19” pull out pant rack - currently holds ten pairs!

2.     Jewellery drawer with dividers – keeps my organization on par!

3.     Section designated for long dresses – no wrinkles thank you very much!

4.     Glass drawer façade - I can now display my pretty scarves!

5.     Gliders with soft closing hinges – no slamming drawers shut!

With mad organization skills and the fabulous PAX system, I was able to work some magic. I won’t lie, the amount of swear words that came out of my mouth trying to put this system together was not pretty. However, for the price and overall quality, I cannot complain. A little blood sweat and tears can go a long way. Oh what you do for your beloved wardrobe & shoes!

If you would like to create a similar look, below are the links to interior PAX systems I used for my DIY closet organizer. I hope this helps!