A la Monica Geller

When I am stressed, I clean. When I am really stressed, I organize. Picture Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S frantically cleaning with her bright yellow dishwashing gloves - well….that’s me!

I know the majority of people hate cleaning, let alone organizing. So, for this weeks BLOG post, I wanted to share a few tips that quicken the process and don’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Tip #1: SET A PLAN. Don’t try to tackle everything at once. You will end up feeling discouraged & overwhelmed. Organizing takes time; it will not happen over night. Start small and work your way up to bigger projects. For example, start by tackling your bathroom vanity drawers, filing cabinet or fridge.

Tip #2: DONATE, SELL OR TOSS. Whenever you start a project, create a donate, sell & toss pile. If you haven’t used the item within the last year, put it in the appropriate pile. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Tip #3: INVEST IN STORAGE BINS. Getting organized can be costly, but having unnecessary clutter can be even more costly! By investing in good quality storage bins, you are more aware of the items you already have, which eliminates temptation to buy again. For larger items which are not used on a regular basis (i.e.: holiday decor), I suggest purchasing bins on wheels. For smaller items used daily, look for decorative baskets with handles and/or lids for easy accessibility.

Tip #4: USE A LABEL MAKER. Your label maker will become your best friend. Well, I am kinda pushing it - but I guarantee you will LOVE IT! It comes in handy when you need to clearly identify larger storage bins - especially when they are in the back of your garage in a non see-through container! It also comes in handy for home office files, kitchen spice drawers and media device controls! 

So embrace your inner Monica Geller and let the organizing beginning!!!

Photo Credit: Kate Spade