Holiday Place Card Holder

Here is a little sneak peak of this year's Christmas table setting! The goal was to create a look that mixed traditional elegance with rustic charm. To achieve this look, I decided to use pine cones as the place card holders. Not only was this simple to set up, but it added just the right touch of nature to a more polished decor. I used textured charcoal scrapbook paper (with a hint of glitter for the holidays of course!) which I cut into individual place cards - approximately 2.5" x 1". I used shape blade scissors (found at any local craft stores), where I was able to add a more finished look to the edges. Next, I used a silver marker to indicate each family members name. No glue required - the cards easily slide into the pine cone grooves, which is great if you want to reuse them. See how easy peasy that was!?