Painting Interior Doors Black: Yay or Nay?

Have you ever noticed that the majority of residential builders and homeowners select white paint for their interior doors? Homeowners are becoming braver in the color selection for their front door, but hesitate when it comes to the indoors. It seems that white is the go to color. However, have you ever considered painting your interior doors black? I am a huge fan of using black as a staple color when designing a space. When applied correctly, it adds immediate sophistication and elegance. Here is why I think black should be considered when painting your interior doors:

  • It enhances the door detailing (applied mouldings, router edge, etc)

  • Creates a more refined look

  • The hardware stands out (especially with polish chrome!)

  • Can make a builder grade door actually look good - shocker!

  • A cost efficient alternative to staining wooden doors

What are your thoughts on painting interior doors black? Would you consider doing this in your home? Yay or Nay?