Small Balcony Design Ideas!

My sister moved in to her downtown condo two years. Even though two summers have came and went, she never quite got around to furnishing her 45 square foot balcony. With summer around the corner, she would like an inviting outdoor space where she can drink her morning coffee while soaking in the beautiful sun rays!

I have created an image board of the items I would use for her ideal mini outdoor space. Since we have a short summer here in Montreal, I incorporated as much color as possible to highlight the wonderful season.

As a corner unit, I emphasized privacy by including a storage panel wall (#6). This piece not only provides privacy from her neighbors, but has a built in bench with a removable top to store your outdoor items. In addition, she can hang plants and display decorative objects on the shelves. I love multi purpose pieces - especially in small spaces!

Below are the links to each item found on the image board: