Top 3 Tips when visiting a Flea Market!

I absolutely love buying old pieces of furniture and bringing them back to life through a little TLC. Some of my best finds were at local Flea Markets. Below are a few tips to keep in mind during your next Flea Market venture!

Tip #1: Look at the bones of the item. Everything can be repaired but the overall structure should be intact. Scratches, rips in the upholstery, minor dents, etc can all be taking care of with a little TLC, but the bones are what makes the piece functional and a good find.

Tip #2Make sure it doesn’t smell! I learned the hard way with this one. A few years ago, I fell in love with a retro piece of furniture at a flea market and did not do the smell test before buying it. During the drive home, I began to notice the lovely scent of damp wood mixed in with crazy cat ladies basement. It was not very pleasant to say the least. All that to say – smell each piece before you buy it! Who cares if you look cray cray sniffing furniture - you will thank me in the future!

Tip #3: Have a budget in mind. Yes everything can be repaired – but it comes down to how you are willing to spend in order to repair it. I suggest doing some research before you start flea market hunting. Find out the approximate cost to reupholster and/or refinish the piece you are scouting out for. It will help keep you on tract and within your budget.

I hope these Flea Market tips help you find the piece your looking for!