Front Door Curb Appeal

If you don’t know already, I have a little obsession with doors! I have a Pinterest board dedicated just to doors and even a pair of pajama pants a friend bought me for Christmas with little doors on them! Strange – I know, but I LOVE them! There are so many aspects to consider when designing a home, in which often we forget about the doors. Your front door should be placed on your main priority list because it is the first impression your home gives to visitors. Your selected door should not only increase the curb appeal, but set the tone for the rest of your home. Whether it is a pop of color, a traditional English style or a contemporary design, it should draw you in and evoke personality. Creating your new look can be easy and budget friendly, by simply purchasing your desired paint color at your local paint shop or home hardware store and dedicating a full afternoon to painting. You will be surprised what a coat of paint can do for your homes curb appeal! Below is my Pinterest link to my "I Heart Doors" board! What are your favorites?