Brass is Back!

After the 70’s & 80’s, you probably thought you would never see brass used again in home decor. Well folks, it is back in style and trending in the latest home designs!

Forget the shiny brass used oh so very frequently thirty plus years ago, and welcome a new twist on an old metal. The new approach is much warmer with a semi brushed vintage finish. It not only creates a warm and inviting look, but encourages patina. The days are gone with overly polishing your brass and now it is time to start embracing the natural aging of the metal. You will see brass slowly making its way back through home accessories, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and decorative hardware. 

What better way to show that brass can be tastefully incorporated in todays home design, than with the talented Martha Stewart’s latest kitchen remodel. I love that she married the old and new by incorporating brass as her staple decorative hardware against the gray cabinetry. 

Food for thought when remodeling your kitchen!

Photocred: Martha Stewart