My answer to this frequently asked question is: YES! 

Society often perceives Interior Design services as a luxury that only caters to the wealthier population. However, any good designer can work within a realistic budget. The key word being realistic! The HGTV shows that promote doing a full room remodel for under $1000 are unrealistic. This gives homeowners a false representation of what it actually costs when renovating or redecorating a home. These shows do not factor in the cost of labor, which include; the designer, contractor, cabinet maker, plumber, electrician, seamstress, etc.

Nevertheless, I believe that Interior Design services should be attainable for the average homeowner. Whether it means sourcing new furniture pieces or a complete top to bottom renovation, the budget should be reviewed with the design professional during the early stages and respected throughout the project.

Tip: Most Interior Designers offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs & budget. If cost is a concern, I recommend setting an initial consultation, where you can review your list of home renovation questions with the design professional.