Annual Christmas Brunch!

Each year I look forward to an annual Christmas brunch with my interior design friends. We dress up in cozy winter attire (or pj’s in my case!), eat delicious homemade food and participate in our festive gift exchange. We have kept this tradition for a little over six years, alternating hosts. This year was my turn!

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, Christmas décor does not have to be in your generic green and red colour theme. This year, I opted to create a unique setting by thinking outside the box, which I knew my designer friends would appreciate. The table setting incorporated my love for black & white stripes, minimal amounts of colour and hints of festive holiday sparkle!

Tips on how to create a similar look:

1)   Make sure to add a placemat and/or tablecloth that compliments your overall holiday theme. I purchased these from Simons because they were neutral and versatile for upcoming events.  

2)   You can never go wrong with basic white plates; however make sure to bring visual interest through a patterned dessert plate or charger. Remember, layering is key!

3)   I wrapped a piece of pink tweed ribbon on each plate to give the appearance of a wrapped present. This created a modern twist on a simple bow.

4)   Place card settings allow your guest to easily find their seats, while adding a touch of personality to the decor. I used chalkboard mini stands purchased from my beloved Target. A chalkboard board pen was used to write their names, which is easily erasable for future use.

5)   Since coffee and tea is typically served at brunch, I used an oversized mug as the center piece for each setting. I gathered up a cloth napkin (just as you would before putting a napkin ring holder) and placed it inside the mug, allowing for an opening at the center fold. Within the fold, I added small festive décor items such as; a glitter pinecone, silver fern branches, a cupcake Christmas tree topper and a multi-coloured reindeer gift tag. This created a fun mini holiday display within a mug!

I hope this post inspires you to create a festive holiday table setting for your loved ones this season! Happy Hosting :-)




Simple Holiday Wrapping

Every year I look forward to shopping for holiday presents for loved ones. I have to admit, half the fun is wrapping them up! Rather than going with a generic green & red Christmas palette, I opted for new look. I used bright white as the backdrop, contrasted with stripped ribbon, faux pine branches and a flat glitter snowflake to add a little bit of sparkle! I named it ‘Simple Holiday Wrapping’ because it really is that simple and is bound to impress your relatives during your annual holiday gift exchange! If you would like to create a similar look, I have listed the steps & materials required below:


1)   STEP 1: Purchase thick white wrapping paper (I got mine at IKEA :

2)   STEP 2: Use thick brown construction paper for the name tag (you can cut the label into any shape you desire. If you wish, a stencil can be used for extra guidance)

3)   STEP 3: Purchase a light weight ribbon, ideally with a pattern to give a pop (can be purchased at any craft store)

4)   STEP 4: Purchase faux pine branches and cut according to present size (can be purchased at any craft store or dollar store)

5)   STEP 5: Purchase a flat ornament to glue onto the present (can be purchased at any craft store or dollar store)

6)   STEP 6: Have your scissors, tape and glue gun handy

7)   STEP 7: Unleash your inner Martha!


Happy Wrapping! x

Festive Front Door


Nothing exudes Christmas spirit like decorating your front door with festive flare! Say goodbye to inflatable Santa’s (this is not the Macy’s Christmas Parade!) and rather say hello to a classy winter front-door décor that will welcome your guest with holiday cheer!

Would you believe that all of the greenery was purchased at Canadian Tire? I have to say, their holiday collection has been on point for the last few years. Not only stylish, but budget friendly too!

The planters were purchased at Alphaplantes in Griffintown. Originally, they were a bland beige color, which we opted to spray paint an attractive glossy black, to tie in with the front door. A mix of various synthetic tree branches, mini logs and garland were gathered at the core of the planter. Acorns and red Christmas balls were added for a pop of colour and texture.  The battery operated plastic lanterns were securely fastened at the top of the planter, providing height and visual interest. During the evening, the candle exudes a warm & inviting glow. *Design tip: Make sure to select lanterns that are suitable for outdoor use, in order to avoid tarnishing with our unpredictable harsh winter weather!

There you have it; a fun & festive DIY project that adds a classic holiday touch to your front door. The total cost was slightly under $215; including the planters which were a steal! This arrangement can be used for many more holiday seasons to come! Happy crafting :-) 




Adding a Festive Flare to the Shoebox!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my little city shoebox! With less than a month to go, I decided to bring out my festive décor and turn my condo into a cozy oasis for the holidays!

This year’s new addition; a Christmas tree.  A small space does not mean you have to comprise on holiday style. At first I was concerned that a Christmas tree would over power my living space, significantly cutting down on overall circulation. Luckily, I ended up finding the perfect scale tree at Hudson Bay. It has a narrow diameter (31”) and is over 7’ high, which is practical if you have limited space. I highly recommend this product (link below) from the Gluckstein Home Collection. Not only does it have integrated lighting, but the branches look authentic!

In terms of decorating the tree, I decided to mix a natural look (burlap ribbon & pinecones) with a bit of glam (silver glitter ornaments). To fill in the gaps, I used malleable silver berry branches, which added an extra touch of sparkle!

I hope you like the look :-) Next Sunday, I will be sharing more holiday décor tips!

Tree Source (Good news; it's on Sale!!):  


DIY Easter Table Setting!

With Easter in exactly one week, I wanted to share a fun & festive Spring themed DIY Easter Table Setting! 

This is the very first holiday we are spending as a family in my parents newly built home; therefore I wanted to make the table extra special this year! The goal was to create a design that embraced spring, through the use of fresh florals and a pastel colour palette. I infused natural linen and hints of burlap to bring a more casual feel. Vintage accents where added with the use of a distressed three-tier dessert platter and my grandmother’s silverware. 

Instead of creating one large floral arrangement, I purchased three different sets; pink tulips, white tulips and carnations. Each arrangement was placed in a different style vase, allowing for a casual, mix & match look. The objective was to allow the florals to appear more natural and less tailored looking

For the DIY project, I simply purchased white styrofoam eggs at the Dollar Store, in which I painted a champagne colour. Rather than dying the eggs, I decided to give them a more 'gold leaf' look by applying the sponged effect. This allowed the white base undertone to peer through, giving the egg dimension. Once dried, I placed each egg in its own small individual bowl, on top of a pile of artificial hay. Although they aren’t edible (maybe next year!), they add charm and visual interst to the table! 

You can achieve a beautiful table setting without always splurging. What’s important is purchasing key pieces that you can reuse in future events. I recommend investing in a good set of white dishes and natural linen placemats. These items are versatile, tasteful and timeless. For the festive decor items, I recommend a more budget friendly option, such as my beloved HomeSense. Not only are their items stylish, but affordable as well - especially for seasonal decor!

There you have it, My 2016 DIY Easter Table Setting! Wishing you all a HOPPY Easter next week! Remember, it’s the only time of the year you won’t be judged for eating endless amounts of chocolate Easter eggs - so enjoy it! ;-)

Liked any of the items you saw in the pictures? Here are the stores they came from:

  • Moss Bunnies & white basket : Villeroy & Boch 
  • Mint vase, bunny platter, planters : HomeSense 
  • Charger Plates : William & Sonoma
  • Napkin Rings : Pottery Barn
  • Display Sign & Easter Eggs : Dollar Store 
  • Seating cards: Target
  • Three-tier dessert platter : Bombay





DIY 5 minute Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Five more days until Christmas - that means tons of wrapping paper & ribbon scattered everywhere! This weeks BLOG post, I wanted to share with you a time efficient wrapping tutorial, which is targeted to take less than 5 minutes. The best part is that each item is eco-friendly; from the jute ribbon to the brown wrapping paper & gift tags!   

Overall this eco rustic inspired holiday gift wrapping was easy to do & budget friendly (all supplies cost less than $10). Depending on the dimensions of your gift boxes, you can wrap an average of 8-10 medium size boxes (+/- 2.5" x 14"). As a final touch, I like to add a candy cane or festive chocolate bar to the gift. It acts as a little bonus pre-opening your present!

Items Sourced from:

  • Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags: IKEA

*Unlike the festive shiny laminated wrapping paper often used throughout the Holidays, this brown wrapping paper is actually recyclable!*

  • Jute Ribbon: OMER DESERRES–-400-pieds/116724/

*Similar to bamboo, jute is a renewable resource*

  • Candy Canes: Pharmaprix

*Not eco-friendly or healthy, but it’s the Holidays– you can cheat a little!*


Festive Kitchen Countertop Display!

Nothing screams the holidays more than delicious home baked goods! This weeks BLOG post, I’m sharing my festive kitchen countertop display – which of course had to include my LOVE for CUPCAKES!

The best part about this display, is that I repurposed items I already had in my kitchen; such as my glass cloche, stone cheese platter & tall glass vase.

The cloche was used to display my favourite holiday treat; red velvet cupcakes. A decorative reindeer topper was added to each individual cupcake to enhance the festive theme!

The cheese platter was repurposed as a tray, to display a forest scented candle & decorative pine cones.

The tall clear glass vase was used to display an assortment of silver ornaments and cinnamon scented pine cones.

Lastly, I purchased a glitter tree to add a little shimmer & height to the overall vignette. This decorative tree was found at my beloved homesense (oh how I love you Homesense!) for less than $20!

There you have it, a simple Festive kitchen countertop display! 


Holiday Coffee Table Styling!

I may not have enough room for a full size Christmas tree, but that’s not stopping me from decking out my ‘Mini Shoebox in the City’ with a festive flare! The goal was to incorporate silver and forest green accents.

#1: Since I do not have a fireplace, I placed two tall silver glitter mesh Christmas trees on each side on my console unit. It helps anchor the furniture piece and adds a touch of sparkle to my entertainment unit.

#2: To add greenery to the space, I displayed a miniature evergreen tree with silver berries & snowflake ornaments. The burlap base adds a fun rustic element to the overall glitzy look.

#3: Next, I added a reindeer statue, which I ended up spray painting silver to match the rest of my décor. Since my main living space has navy blue accents, I decided to tie a blue ribbon around the reindeer’s neck – helps create a cohesive look with my yearly décor.

#4: A festive scent adds to the ambiance. I took out my Eucalyptus Mint candle, which not only smells great, but has anti-stress properties - perfect for this hectic time of year!

Happy Holiday Decorating!

Holiday Styling

Part of the Holiday fun is transforming your home into a festive setting! With the Holidays fast approaching, Natasha K Design is offeringa  'Styling' package, to add a joyful spirit to your residence! Whether it be a table setting or decorative interior accents, the service is tailored to you. Cheers to a wonderful Holiday Season!

*Service currently offered for residents in the Greater Montreal Area*